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Rock Bouncers for Rivers

Grew up surfing, not scared of the water at all, and still a big no on that one.

Way cool though.
That's like 40 minutes from my house. Those guys are looney bins.

I've rafted and kayaked (poorly) the lower Wenatchee at 9,000. Upper Wenatchee is considered a death run.

Obviously they've out-teched it with the boats, but if you go in the water in the upper Wenatchee, it's a long, long, long way before you can get out.
The wife and I did riverboarding in Queenstown New Zealand.... It was brutal. Sorest I've ever been.
My arms are tired just from watching that. ^^
I love whitewater... heck yes!! I was expecting minijet boats..
Why not just take one of those inflatable bubbles, add an inflatable seat and seat belt, and have two oars stick through. Impossible to swamp and you'll never tip over because your weight would be 'anchored' inside.
That is one of the few things that is a "Hard No" from me.

Fuck that, I think being waterboarded would be more enjoyable.
Hell yes I'm in. I've done a small amount of rafting on couple class III's. That class V looks gnarly!
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