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Ring & pinion country of origin

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Jul 30, 2020
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I know on the old board some one, who worked in the industry, did a write up on each manufacture and where there gears are made. I remember a lot came from the same foundry in Korea but can't remember which is which a who uses Chinese gears. Any one want to tackle this topic again? Might make some good tech bible info.
Another question. who's gears would you run for an 06 F350 4.30 or 4.56?
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I know for a fact some spicers come from Venezuela. The last one i can remember was a bigs spicer 110 or 135. Where the gear is the carrier half also. I havent bought a new regular spicer gear in a while so i cant say the rest.
Tom's Differentials sells US Gear brand, forged and treated in Illinois from US made steel.

US Gear is a subsidiary of Meritor, located in Chicago.

https://tomsdifferentials.com/ 'Catalog' link at the bottom.

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