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Removing Allison


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May 19, 2020
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Galveston, TX
This is in a 2500HD. How bad of a job is this going to be on my back with a floor jack? The drive shafts and t-case are already out. :laughing:

I destroyed the extension housing. Other than that the Allison’s been great for 300K.

How'd you grenade that? Is that that common thing early on they had a t case brace for?

IIRC your gonna went to have the torsion bars and t bar cross member out when you go to stab it with the t case
Don't go buy a scissor-lift transmission jack from Harbor Freight. Rickety piece of shit. I almost had my nv4500 fall over on me a couple times. I know that's not exactly what you're asking just figured I would tell you in case you were considering buying one to help the job
It's gonna fucking suck by yourself. I recall fighting the cooler lines off as biggest PITA, ex manifold nuts second
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The "looks like an oversized floor jack" HF transmission jack is good but the little brackets suck and you should buy some small D-rings to go with it and plan to weld them on.

The whole job will suck if your floor is not flat and level.
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