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Reds and racelines


Jan 1, 2021
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I've got an old set of racelines, I have had multiple sets of trepps mounted on them over the years with no issue. Tried mounting a set of reds on them and 2 out of 4 leak bad. Is there any tips or tricks to making reds happy with racelines?

New or Used Reds? Where’s the leak?

New Racelines and New Reds are good for me. I did a used set of Reds first last year, but had some inner bead leaks, but the tires were the obvious issue.
The reds are used, they were previously mounted on walker evens wheels with no issues, I assume the outer is leaking but I will check with soapy water, the leak is not audible but the tires go flat in a day or 2.
Maybe the reds bead is thinner and the ring isn't clamping it tight enough? Do you have a spacer on the ring?

Or it could be an inner bead burping, that's an easy fix with a few wraps of duct tape.

Probably figure out where it's leaking first :flipoff2:
Duct tape on inner bead, 3M window adhesive between lock ring and wheel.
Reds like to leak.
I thought the spacers may be the way to go but I read they are for thicker beads, which kinda dosnt make sense to me.
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