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Recommendations for 300blk suppressor

Citizen Hawk

Jul 15, 2020
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Hey all what recommendations do yall have for a 300blk suppressor for a home defense/ truck/ fun gun. I'm in the planning stage of the build and thinking I should get the paperwork moving (first stamp). Going with a 9" barrel, haven't worked out much more than that.

Any features I should be looking for? Any MFRs that have fallen out of favor or are questionable buys (like OSS)?
What’s wrong with OSS?

Are you only looking to run it on 300blk? Anything important to you like weight, length or cost? The nomad is a pretty good do all suppressor, if you’ll be running it on short barrel 556 a sandman is a good option too. TBAC also just released a QD can geared towards semi autos that everyones chubbed up about too.
I have a sdn6 that I bough back t when they were the latest greatest thing. It’s a good durable unit you can run anything that will fit through it full auto.
As you see, there are a shitpile of good suppressors out there. I'm happy with the Trash Panda by Q. I was going for short and light. 6.9" and 11.8 oz. It's all titanium, short barrel and full auto rated.
Anyone got an Omega 9? I been looking at this to use on 9mm/300 guns.
I have a omega 30 and harvester 30. The harvester is a little longer but quieter. The Omega is full auto rated. Both are nice. Have to shoot subs out of both of them due to the 8" barrel.
I've got the Sig direct thread can. Badass with really good tone. Like a quiet air rifle with subs.

Budget market I don't think anything can touch the price to performance of the yhm resonator 2.

I've been checking about 10 places for 6 months and zero stock to be had though. It will be my next do everything can with the interchangable mounting options. Also 300 rum rated.
I have the Omega 30, but it has barrel restrictions.

Just put an order in for a Thunder Beast Ultra on SS and have to submit paper work as soon as my FFL opens back up.
Liberty Mystic X is damn versatile, great tone in a variety of calibers, plus excellent sound reduction. I have the OG Mystic and I'm upgrading to the Infinity X.

Shot it same 300 Black AR, Mystic vs TBA 30 Cal and the Mystic had a better tone. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mystic on my 5" barrel AR9. Downside is when that combo comes out my ammo disappears like magic. Anyone one who picks it up looks like Jerry Freaking Miculek. No recoil, as quiet as real guns get, place dot on target, squeeze, repeat, 33 rounds, all hits. 147g JHP subs. HUGE smiles all around.

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