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Jun 1, 2020
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I am looking for a paint suggestion for some outdoor statues. They were originally installed ~10 years ago, and hit with some spray paint about 3 years ago. They are black and faded pretty badly.
I am looking for something that will last as long as possible, as they arent the easiest to get to. I am thinking about an industrial enamel, but am open to other options. Should I primer seal them before hitting with enamel or something else? Spending money on the product isnt an issue, they are a pain in the ass to get at, so I am looking for something that is minimal work.
get a concrete etching primer, strip them down, then spray them with a paint that sticks to the primer. Paint wants to be clean.
Whatever it is, it must be UV stable. Implement, perhaps?
kinda shocked more of you don't know about the one and only worthwhile outdoor black paint
Statues in his yard,= Concrete in most applications. They sure ain't Stainless Steel :flipoff2:

They are actually a cast aluminum with a coat of filler over several joints and spots where the casting was shit.
Urethane epoxy enamel. No prime needed.

Not sure if this is sarcastic, but you just listed 3 different types of paint.
I have always been told epoxy would lift other substrates if not sealed before, or if the metal wasnt mechanically etched somehow.
Macropoxy 646 base, Acrolon 218HS top coat.
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