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Recommend a idiot light sender that won't leak

Johnny Longrifle

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May 19, 2020
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​My google-fu sucks. I need a normally open oil pressure switch that closes somewhere around 10 PSI. That doesn't leak! :mad3:

I have been thru 3 of these https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sww-364k-f

They last a week or two, and then start leaking. My whole engine build started because I wanted to eliminate fawking oil leaks.

This sender is only needed to illuminate a 10 watt idiot light.

My engine makes close to 100 PSI oil cold. I am guessing that this is rupturing the internals and oil migrates its way out of the plastic top hat, runs down the crossmember, splatters all over everything, and finally drips onto the parking lot. Simply for piece of mind, I want this idiot light to work. Is there a sender out there that any of you have had success with?​
Get an oil pressure safety switch for a diesel compressor/generator/pump. Will be expensive but will take high oil pressure and should be reliable.
Most of what I have info on will be a bit higher psi (15-20) but if that's close enough I'll look.
What thread spec do you need?
I need 1/8 NPT. I might try a Holley 12-810. The specs on it say operating pressure of 2-100 PSI, and its all metal construction. Im not having much luck finding anything else that shows max permissible pressure.
Unless you're supposed to be making 100psi you're probably wearing the shit out of the pump and whatever drives it.
If it's only used for a dummy light and you don't need accurate reading all the time what about adding an oil pressure regulator like one used for a turbo to cut down the pressure the sender sees?

Thanks. Thats exactly what I was looking for. I looked up specs and decided on a switch then went searching for a distributor. Didnt have much luck finding one I could order online, so I ordered a comparable switch from McMaster-Carr, but they don't list the manufacturer. It showed up yesterday afternoon with a Nason sticker on it. Hopefully this one will not leak.
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