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Ready welder stopped feeding wire and hums

Chief Rocka

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May 19, 2020
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I used this 2 weeks ago to redo engine mounts and it did great. Go to use it yesterday out on the trails and the motor will not turn to feed wire. We cut up a hi lift to make 2 UCA's to get off the trail.

flux core wire
red light on gun when hooked up to 2 batteries
pull trigger and drive motor hums but doesn't turn
been sitting idle since last use

Any ideas on how to diagnose and repair.

hi lift control arms.jpg

Wire fed right and tension right?


What version do you have- hot all the time, or the one with the cut-out?

$25 for a new motor... http://www.readywelder.com/catalog/index.php

I guess a hum means you're getting at least some voltage to the motor- test that?

Maybe jump 12/24v straight to the motor and see what you get (I'd probably unsolder one lead to get the electronics out of the equation)? Maybe the speed control is fubar?
Thanks, it's a model 10k. Wire and tension are correct. After emailing with RW, I took it apart and turned the motor by hand to see if it was bound up. There was a rough spot that smoothed out after a few hand revolutions. It seems to be feeding normally now, but who knows if it will work when we need it out in the woods.

While RW has not had hands/eyes on it, they think some ferrous grit has worked its way inside the electric motor which happens because of the strong magnets. RW said the motor needs to be replaced. Does this metal grit theory sound right?

A complete new circuit board and motor assembly is $59.95 plus shipping and you keep old board as a spare by de-soldering the wires at the electric motor connections. 2+ weeks out from RW.

The motor is an RS-385SH and looks like it's available from GYNA for $6 in 4-7 weeks on ebay.

RW motor.jpg

RW motor.jpg
Sounds believable to me.

Good info! Bookmarked, and I'll pay attention to keeping mine clean inside.

Is that worm a press-on kinda deal? Most of the ebay motors are bare shaft...
It looks smooth, but it could be knurled under the worm gear. Or maybe you heat the worm gear to expand, drop on motor shaft, and wait for it to cool to contract.
RW worm gear.jpg
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