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QUESTION- Front Accessory Drives/ Bracket Solutions - 1994 GMC 4.3 V6

The Freeak

May 20, 2020
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Pocono Mtns PA
I want to be clear that I am not a GM guru, hence this question-

Is there a commonly available front accessory drive brackets for a 1994 GM 4.3 V6?

Like so many others my cast aluminum Alternator/ Power Steering Pump bracket is broken.

I reached out to a few local salvage yards (northeast PA) and no one has any.

Is there an aftermarket or OE steel bracket system that I could use?


The bracket for a 4.3 should be the same as a fullsize 5.7 from same year range, it is also cast alum. I know dorman makes aftermarket stuff for these. I have a 95 s10 the a/c comp blew up on and they make a pulley/bracket to eliminate the compressor. You can check their catalog online and see
Thanks for the suggestion. Checked Dorman's site- didn't find any mounting brackets. I know people who work there, maybe I can suggest it to them as a new item. Still on the hunt in the meantime.
I need this... if it were in steel... fine.
I'll sell ya one for $500. Rest of the truck comes with it for free! 93 k1500 sclb 4.3/5spd :grinpimp:
Have you tried LKQ or car-part.com?

car-part.com list several engines by me at junk yards for parts. Might be able to get them to ship a bracket a to you. One was down in Ohio.
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