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May 19, 2020
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I have a high end(ish) RC excavator that I'd like to put a beacon light on. Any light I've found has 3 wires (pwr/ grnd/ signal) but I am out of slots on the receiver board. Does anyone know a way to ditch the signal wire and run simple power and ground? Is there an adaptor wire I can run? Any thoughts on how to add a beacon that comes on when the unit is powered up?
piggy back the light to another strand of lights. Either solder in or use a y splitter at the reciever.
Is it just looking for a pwm signal? You could use a servo tester to fake the signal, if you have room to stash it somewhere in the chassis. Just feed the tester with your switched power.
sometimes the battery plug on a receiver is also a channel plug, you just have to use a y conenector.

what's the RX, and does it already have lights? Does it have a light controller?
There are lights but they are hard wired in a harness and it's too tight to test wires to see which ones are the lights. It's tucked into the boom arm and concealed, I don't want to disassemble the factory harness.

Some fantastic ideas in here, thank you to all. Going to order a Y and the power regulator linked above and go from there, I'll figure something out. I have a cheap servo tester here so I may try to find a place to hide that out of convenience.

Appreciate the advice!! :smokin:
Any channel on the radio running through the receiver will be under 7.4 if not 6.0 volts so I highly doing a bec will be required.
Let's see the excavator

It's all apart right now but its this model. Picture doesn't do it justice and it's 17 pounds so it's definitely got some weight to it. Pretty cool unit but I have a $700 Huina model that doesnt have real hydraulics (has screw style actuators) and it seems to do just as good on the digging strength. Obviously the hydraulic one is quite smooth but both are a blast to fuck around with

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