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Quad Tech: Small hole in transmission


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May 19, 2020
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Wilmington, VT
I have a 1985 Suzuki 185, owned since about 1990, passed around my family to all the kids. They out grew it, now I have it for my son when is old enough to ride. It recently developed a small hole in the tranny, dumps all the engine oil out. Is there something to easily fix it besides having it welded? JB Weld? I'll obviously clean it up well before trying to seal it. It's aluminum.

Edit: chain got loose and bound up there. It used to have a chain cover, was not aware it was loose until this happened.

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In that case JB weld it good and it'll last. My Polaris 400 had a similar hole and it works great going on 2yrs now

It would happen on old Honda fourtrax. Chain would get sloppy or break, jam up and pop a hole. You could pull the case weld it or jb weld it.
Look for spiderweb cracks sometimes they're hard to see.

Yes, figured on looking for them too.

Here's the old girl. 7 to 10 year old me put a lot of miles on this thing. Last legally registered in 1993.
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