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PushLock/Socketless Hose Fittings


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May 20, 2020
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What are your tips/tricks for installing socketless hose ends? Heat? Oil? Slam it onto a 4x4?

What about 90 deg and other angled fittings? How do you hold them in order to press the hose on?

I like the Aeroquip socketless hose and fittings, but damn is it stiff and hard to get the fittings in.
I've always just used a dab of oil and them pushed them home.
I always told myself to buy one of those little presses to fit them, I am just too cheap.
I would also like to have something that could seat them when under a vehicle with very little space to move. I have tried several method but have yet to find something that works perfectly.
Dip the end of the hose in hot water for about 30 seconds. Lube the fitting and push it on. Very little effort required with this method. I've assembled them just using oil, and after doing a whole steering setup my hands were pretty tore up.
Use a vice to hold the fittings so you can use both hands to push the hose on. Also don't stop once it starts going on or you'll have a halfway assembled hose.

I've used a hot air gun and some silicone spray and that seems to work well.

I bought the Kool tool to install them. Got tired of screwing with the by hand method. Yes it's spendy and no I don't regret it.
I've used some hand sanitizer before. figured the alcohol in it would dry out and keep it there.
Motor oil on the barb and a heat gun on the end of the hose for a brief period until the hose is warm. Warm rubber makes all the difference.
Just did some more last night. Putting the fitting in a vise made a huge difference. Just have to be careful not to crush or damage the fitting. Also, using new hose helps a bunch too. The old used hose had sort of taken a set already and wasnt nearly as pliable as the new stuff, even with plenty of heat.
I modified an Irwin bar clamp to do them. Replaced one side of the clamp with a plate and u bolt to hold the hose and I have a couple different pieces made to hold the fitting depending on what it is.

Kinda a ghetto version of this, but it works great.

Give the inside of the hose a shot of brake clean.

It makes it slippery for a minute and seals it when it drys.
I dip the end of the hose in 0w20 for assembly lube, drip a bit on the fitting, and in it goes. Only had problems with that trying to reuse old used hose.
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