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Pumpkin seeds?


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May 19, 2020
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Bonners Ferry, ID
I've done them a few times over the years and it's kinda fun. I did a quick search and read to boil them in salt water to get the flavor into the seed instead of just on the outside. So we did one batch boiled in garlic salt water and one in cinnamon and sugar. Add more garlic salt and olive oil on top then threw them in the oven. Should be done soon then the cinnamon ones go in.
Just got done cleaning the pumpkin. We're going to boil and roast them later.
So the sweet ones are done, I thought the salty one needed a little more so I cooked the sweet ones longer. Both are terrible :laughing: they just kinda turn to dust when you chew them.
Made them once and from then on was super happy paying 99¢ for them at the gas station when I get the itch
I boil mine in salty water for exactly 10 minutes.

Let dry completely. Evenly spread out on sheet pans overnight. You may have to mix a few times and blot with towels to get all the moisture off.

One batch gets olive oil and johnny's seasoning salt. The other gets avocado oil and tony chacheries (sp?). They go in the oven at 350 until just barely brown. Remove and let cool.

Fucking delicious. The kids and i mowed 3 pumpkins worth/4 sheet pans down in less than a week.
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