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Puma on board air compressor stopped working

Chief Rocka

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May 19, 2020
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Puma PD-1006 air compressor, purchased in 2015, stopped working suddenly. It gets used for lockers and tires. The continuity test on 200-ohm setting is 188. Not sure if I performed the test correctly or if the cover needs to be on when testing. Does anyone see an obvious issue or have an idea of what's wrong?

When direct 12v is applied it starts for a second and then stops.


take some fine emery cloth and clean up the contacts

see if you can take the compressor side off and run the motor
that might be locked up
I agree, see if a bearing or anything on the compressor side is loading down the motor. You're Ohm test isn't doing anything but showing that the brushes are touching each other. The brushes appear ok, I can't see any odd wear or markings from a brush holder hanging up ?
Crap, I misdiagnosed when I used pressure switch 12v, with a power probe, to test and should have used direct battery power. The switch had 12v but not enough to start/run the compressor. That mistake made me think something was wrong with compressor. Opened up the switch to find this mess that I created. There are 4 terminals and 2 wires (12v in and 12v out to compressor). Not sure why, but I used 2 jumper wires to make it work. What's the correct way to wire this thing? Thanks
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