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Pug Puppy; anyone know of someone selling?


I probably did it wrong.
May 22, 2020
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After a bit over a year of putting our Pug down, we're ready for another. Looking around and its all AKC, registered, etc., and are ~$3000. We got ours for $800. I don't care of "championship bred" or whatever. Just a fawn, male Pug with no health issues. Puppy preferred, but it were like a year old we'd consider it. Located in New England, will travel if needed. If the conditions were right, I'd even try to workout a plane ride.

Just putting the word out there. Thanks.
My buddies dad usually has pug puppies but I don’t know if they have any right now.
Go to the pound and find a puppy that looks kinda like a pug and be done with it.
Look on puppyfinder yet?
I've done a few searches. The issue is, 90% are scams. Its awful. you pay now i mail dog tonight? Not sure if its because of the breed I'm looking for? No idea. But its a mess. I figured I'd put the word out here for any first hand experiences.

Go to the pound and find a puppy that looks kinda like a pug and be done with it.

Been looking for a couple months now. really want to stick with the Pug. Ours was awesome. Slept all day. Great with kiddo. Didn't need constant exercise. All the places around here are mixes. There are Pug rescues, but its all dogs that have health issues are are 12 years old. I'm not all I NEED A DOG NOW, but if the right Pug did come up I'd get it. I'm fine with waiting.
i cant believe people willing own those things, good luck.

Oh they're awesome. :flipoff2:
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