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OR Project car wanted-Oregon

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May 24, 2020
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I am looking for a project car or truck. I am really only after the following types of vehicles. Don't want or need a 4-door, or a newer car. Pretty much looking for what is on the list.

Leaning towards a hot rod type of vehicle, maybe a defunct project car with a few nice parts etc. My budget is 5k-ish, can go a bit higher or I have a trade I can ad. Prefer Oregon car or truck and closer to central/southern Oregon the better.

List of cars I am looking for:

1960's Nova 2-door
1960's Malibu/ Chevelle 2-door
1948-1952 Ford F1
1966-1967 Ford Fairlane 2-door
1960's Mopar 2-door
BMW 2002 from 1967-1976

Really looking for a street strip type of car that has been sitting and maybe needs some help etc. The end goal is a street and strip car that is somewhat pavement friendly when done.

Please reply with pics and information and a price. It just makes things easier.
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