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Product Review............................. Pocket Ho's


Random Dude
May 19, 2020
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East Bay, CA

We bought a number of pocket ho's from our Homeboy, Deepoe. We liked that they don't kink shame and are compact.
So far every single one has failed at less than 2 months. The sight of the ho's blows my wood and it's useless.
We give them a :flipoff::flipoff::flipoff::flipoff::flipoff: out of :flipoff::flipoff::flipoff::flipoff::flipoff:

In our opinion DO NOT buy these worthless piles of shit.
Funny story, I was working a contract in Yakoska Japan on the Navy Base. Our team was staying in the New Yakoska Hotel, great place. The bathrooms have a hatch in the ceiling. I got curious, stuck my hand up inside feeling around, there's a rubbery object. When I pulled it down, it was a fucking POCKET PUSSY!!! LMAO
At first I was rather pissed I touched it, but it became a great project souvenirs. I rinsed it and hid it in a buddy's tool bag and that fucker got passed off to everyone on our team at some point hidden in so many different ways. It may or may not still be hidden on the Navy base there for it's future finder.
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