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Prism AR sights


kinder and gentler
May 20, 2020
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lake erie
so I need a new optic for a rifle.
I have the atigmatism. I like the both eyes open 30mm red dot jam, but the dots are always a fucking blurry mess.

Who's used a 1x prism scope? Do you like it? Is the eye relief thing a PITA?
It seems like a step backwards since now you have to get your eye into the relief box like a scope, but you're not getting any magnification.
3x a better option?

maybe I should just buy a new red dot and live with the blur.
For practical purposes it doesn't matter that much.
I guess I should have sirched betterer

Will continue over in that other thread.
I love scout scopes, I don't know why more don't use them. As far out in front is better for me, I have fixed lens in both eyes and close stuff is always blurry.
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