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PPS-43/52 Kits, Builds, Projects?


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May 21, 2020
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The Natural State
Apex and RTG have some cheap kits. I've regretted not buying kits when they were available and cheap in the past, I was WAY too late to the Uzi party, and it cost.

Anyone messed around with these? I'd want to swap them to 9mm just for ammo availability.

Easy enough to make the folding stock version a pistol. The ones Classic sold as pistols had the stock welded into the folded position. Fixed stock version needs a longer barrel or SBRed.

Google shows that 9mm barrels have existed for these, but doesn't appear to be anything in stock anywhere. Tokarev barrels don't seem to be in stock anywhere either.

Sticking a 16" barrel out the end of the shroud would look goofy, but fabing up an extended shroud to match wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world, would look similar to a Yugo M49 when you got done. Mostly day dreaming, they'd probably wind up in the safe with all the other projects.

Anyone built one? Know where to get barrels?
Usually with stuff like this the parts you need - barrels, receivers, bolts - come out about 6-12 months after the parts kits hit the market. Especially if they already existed and just need a run made.

Most of this stuff is run based - either outsourced or small shop. They make enough to cover demand but knowing that if the kits dry up they don't want to get stuck with stock. With the way this stuff comes in there isnt a big warning sent out to the manufacturers that stuff is incoming, so they are always playing catch up.

So buy the kits now, then keep an eye on all the usual suspects for the parts to start getting batched. RTG's email notify works very well even for stuff that only comes in every couple years. But they need to hurry up with their HK 33 flats!
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