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Pilot Bearings- New Engines to Older Transmissions: 4.3 to SM465

The Freeak

May 20, 2020
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Pocono Mtns PA
I can't find a clear answer on this- I want to mate an older SM465 to a newer (1994) 4.3 V6.
What pilot bearing will I need?

(EDIT- And yes, I searched... )
The 4.3 can use the same pilot bushing/bearing as the 350 that could’ve come in front of that SM465.

Anecdote: I used a SBC pilot bushing off my shelf on a 97 4.3 because the parts store was closed for the 4.3 pilot bearing when I swapped engines. Same dimensions, worked perfect.
Get the specs on the orginal pilot bearing and compare dimensions.

Or maybe the 4.3 will take a standard 590 ID pilot bushing ?

Is there a specific reason you want an actual bearing or just using the term generically ?

standard pilot bushing.

Actual pilot bearing.

I was using the term generically. Ironically I'm usually more precise about that sort of thing. Thanks for the info.
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