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PBB charged me $20 today


Central California
May 19, 2020
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Central California
Got the notification that my Paypal was charged $20 for auto-renewal this morning.

I turned that off a couple weeks ago. I know I did

Anyways, emailed through the address on the Paypal, and to their credit, they refunded it within an hour or so.

Maybe my fault, but just an FYI to check yours again if you aren't sure and are also cancelling.
Ha! I went to check, just to make sure those snowback fucks are dead to me, and did a doubletake when I misread 'Irate4x4'.
PBB has been going down hill for a long time and we all pretty much knew the day was going to come.

Today might be that day. There are one or two "Hi, I'm new" introduction threads in the GCC. One is like a page long... and refuses to show pics da lady friends.

PBB is soft.
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