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May 20, 2020
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I have a metal roof over my two level patio. During the heat of the day the section closer to the roof is obviously a lot warmer. Unfortunately that's where the seating is. Would adding insulation to the bottom of the metal panels help?
Insulation would make a noticeable difference. If you have the height and desire a ceiling fan will do a lot too
Insulation would make a noticeable difference. If you have the height and desire a ceiling fan will do a lot too

I've got ceiling fans already. That makes it just bearable. But in 100+ heat it's borderline.
How big of an area is it? There's radiant ceramic paints that will reflect a lot of the UV hitting it made for patios, roofs, ect.
If you have the room to put an air gap and make a plywood ceiling it will make a big difference. I assume you have 2x4 under the tin. Just hang some plywood.
Just a thought, but, lay foam board insulation on top of existing tin roof, then install white tin roof on top of that. Might be easier than making a ceiling.
In my shop I have a couple places where there is just a sheet of osb hung up between me and the underside of the metal roof. It’s noticeably cooler under the osb. Insulate it with whatever is the easiest to use and put a ceiling in if you want it to look pretty. It will be a big difference.
Foam board with some of the corrugated metal insulation strips to seal the ends. Otherwise you are just making a giant bug motel.
I'll get a pic today when I get home. It's standard issue metal poles, purlins and metal roof.
We had to replace our roof down here last year, went from blue metal to white metal. It lowered the temp in the hot part of the day by around 15 degrees(No insulation needed down here).
Here ya go. The area with chairs is specifically the area I'm wanting cooler.

And it turns out, it's already white on the roof side. See me creepin?





Insulate that fucker!

Also, holy low slope. How does it drain?
A homely gal like you should be able to add a radiant barrier and some type of finished ceiling to cut down on the heat.
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