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May 19, 2020
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Bolivar MO
Just heard on the radio out here in Ca that the liquor stores close the evening before Thanks Giving.

Any truth to this?
Way to kill one of the biggest bar nights for an industry that is already hurting.

Thats the goal. Hurt small business and you destroy the economy. Ruin the economy and the masses are easier to control.
I wish some bar somewhere would charge 75.00 cover for an hour or two to watch TV. Free drinks. Technically not breaking the law..
True story, we’ve been doing some dumb ass shit.
Either way...

I'll be stocking up on beers:flipoff2:

Because as soon Gaviner Nuisants gets wind of this he'll be claimin it was his big idea and implementing it.
I live just south of the Mason Dixon line in MD. I can just about throw a rock in one direction and hit the PA line. I can turn around, throw another rock, and just about hit the last liquor store/gas station before you get to PA. Ever since this covid mess, that liquor store has been PACKED. I can only imagine what's going to happen now.
Pa has always had messed up liquor laws, always need to plan ahead if your gonna drink.
no running out at the last minute to the corner store for anything, beer is purchased from a fat bearded guy in back alleys and hard stuff from the state :homer:
Now they are abusing the emergency alerts. Very timely, fucking assholes
Governor of PA tests positive for Covid


So how could this happen with all of the restrictions and precautions that are in place here? So rather than backing off on the nonsense they are going to use this as a reason to add more restrictions, just watch.

More restrictions on you, but none on him. You, as a peasant, need to do everything in your power to keep the importants safe, so he can live his life normally.
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