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May 20, 2020
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I walk with Crom
Cut to the chase.

We are totally unprepared to protect ourselves – we can’t make an assault vehicle – we don’t make guns or ammunition – we will run out of fuel in 6-12 weeks if there is a blockade – our main local food sources aren’t all within our control – our population, without arthritis, is ambivalent to everything and addicted to technologies and information that we have no control over.

If China made a move on Australia now we would be gone in 48 hours – less. Biden would do nothing to help – Britain would try, but it would be too little too late.

We have sold out our future – with the promise that it will be all right because America, as an ally, is a big enough threat to protect us. (Ha, no one could see that idea going wrong.)

Your markets are big enough to justify manufacture still – but self-sufficiency is waning. As of the 20th this month you are no longer self-sufficient in oil. And it will only get worse by design.

There is more than gender identity at play here – if you aren’t self-sufficient in everything you are done. Identity politics is a distraction – misdirection while your pockets are emptied.

Australia is small – but I would still put a wall around the nation and tell Australians that if they can’t make it themselves they do without.

Rural Australia still has that ethos. I think the world needs it.

Isn’t it interesting that without the Electoral College rural America has no voice. And what is the Democrat plan?

The rural work ethic is heading for extinction around the globe – one might almost think it was planned.

You can find the rest of it here: https://www.bookwormroom.com/2021/01/27/every-nation-should-learn-australias-lessons/
IF I had not payed attention..

I'da thought

Wow look at the U.S.A. story...
The world is in decline, could Mad Max be far off?
For you old guys Omega man?
but australia does get whatever arms they want from the US 99% of the time.

and then we buy it from the manufacturer from them.

Australia is one of America’s largest defense customers, supporting thousands of jobs in the United States and maximizing our joint defense capability. Approximately 60 percent of Australia’s 10-year $145 billion defense acquisition and modernization budget is sourced from the United States through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Direct Commercial Sales (DCS), and International Cooperative Programs, like the P-8 Poseidon.

https://www.state.gov/u-s-security-... percent of Australia's,like the P-8 Poseidon.

they're one of the few countries that we give the top shelf shit too and not watered down export versions.
IF I had not payed attention..

I'da thought

Wow look at the U.S.A. story...
The world is in decline, could Mad Max be far off?
For you old guys Omega man?

Omega man was a disease that destroyed civilization.
MadMax is closer to the truth
The "new blue man group" and "snowflake mentality" could be viewed as a disease ?no?
carry on
You had me at Ozzy man.
Maybe stop making it so fucking hard to move there for self-reliant, productive people?
I've been trying to sell my wife on the idea for years.
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