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May 21, 2020
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OSR deals, steals, coupons, and promo codes.

You're always browsing, stumbling across sales at the big box stores, getting emails, you're on Wiki-Arms, Gun.Deals, etc.

Found a good deal? Let us know about it! :beer:
Classic has M1 Carbines.

Part of the Ethiopian surplus lot RTI has been selling too, maybe?

Wish I'd bought one a decade+ ago. I'd like to say this isn't a good price, but even a ratty, random parts, M1 Carbine is $750-800 at all the gun shows around here. Classic is saying these are mostly Inlands, so not rare, but at least original.

Just picked up a nice 19 slide from Spinta. Also built my AR9 ridiculously cheap during the last craze through them. One of the few places I subscribe to for deals, no too much spam and pretty legit sales if you're into building Glocks and ARs.


Now if anyone has a deal on a nice G19 slide completion kit?
Nothing is a deal at the moment. Nothing. So if yo havent bought everything already just stop.
Nothing is a deal at the moment. Nothing. So if yo havent bought everything already just stop.

Yeah, for the most part it’s sky high pandemic pricing, and out of stock. If you can find something in stock that’s not junk and it’s last year’s price, you’re winning.

Found two Aero Precision completed uppers for $80 each through Midway USA. They were on backorder forever, they finally cancelled my order, then sent me an in stock email a few days later. Bought my two, went to post it here, and they were gone. Found two Faxon Gunner barrels for $175 each (MSRP), last ones that were in stock anywhere.

The crappy thing is I own most everything I HAD wanted, but I’ve found more stuff to buy recently. I’d decided a short barreled 5.56 was dumb without having a suppressor. Well, I bought some cans, and now I want to build one, along with a CZ Scorpion and a threaded .22 bolt action. :laughing:

Plus, it’s hard to even find ammo. I have enough 9mm for me and the wife’s carry pistols to train for awhile, but I’m pretty sure a Scorpion would burn through it in 2-3 range trips. Of course it’s pretty much the only caliber I shoot and don’t reload for since it hadn’t been worth it.
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Yeah figured :laughing:

post up if anyone catches a good deal on a 9mm upper preferably in a 10-16” size. :grinpimp:

Not an upper but RTB has 16 inch Ballistic Advantage 9mm barrels on sale for $140 with free shipping.
US Barrel Shrouds has 922r compliant US made semi-auto Uzi sears in stock. I scored some back in the summer, but still had email notification set up for when they were in stock. Sure you can whittle an auto sear to work, but these give you another 922r component. Not sure if it's worth posting, but if you've tried buying Uzi parts in the past couple years, these have been hard to come by.

$25 is not $3. :homer:

Sorry you're slow, was $3 when I posted it, actually $2.88, I bought two.

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