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NH One ton CJ-5 project. Not for the faint of heart.

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May 19, 2020
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I'm doing it. It's time. Selling off the CJ5.5 https://www.pirate4x4.com/threads/ho...-5-1-2.638139/

1980 CJ5 tub stretched 6" in the seat area. Caged. Tub is probably 90% complete. Been outside under a tarp on my trailer for a year so surface rusty.
Custom 2x4 .120 frame built specifically for this project - Ford axle width, CJ body mounts, Spring over on custom XJ leafs all around. 302 / 435 / 205 mounts.
No steering, no brakes, no wiring, no hoses. Will need parts, fabrication, and assembly. Price reflects this. Most of the value is in the parts, but if someone wants to go big, this is a solid start. Sold on rollers.

Following included but is advertised seperately:

-Matching pair of axles from a 79 f250 Sno-Fighter. Believe they are 4.10s. Includes high steer arms with inserts to run tie rod up or down. No hubs.
-NP435 mated to NP205 with clocking ring. Includes new clutch and flywheel, missing some shifter parts.

$2000 takes it all.
Before frame swap

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