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One Poverty Pony finished..


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May 21, 2020
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1 more to go tomorrow night. FIL said “I should get one of those” I explained the panic but was able to get this PSA kit and an Anderson lower. There was around a 200 dollar Panic tax as of the 12th when I ordered it. It would cost over 900 this week.

Crazy times making up for all the $400 AR days. Hopefully it’s all just us buying ourselves overpriced goodies, and not the last rodeo.

PSA still has some reasonable kits in stock for not too stupid of prices. Hopefully you’ve got a stripped lower or two laying around.




I don’t think those are reasonable prices. :homer:

glad I’m sitting on a plethora of LOW :grinpimp:ERS. :flipoff2:
That kit and the Freedom kit were 100 dollars less when I ordered on the 12th
I was able to put together the MLOK kit by the piece for around 630. I broke down and stimulated the economy since I dont have a modern Ar just my Dissipator and I cant put tacticool shit on it.
I assembled a CBC Industries m-lock kit with Anderson lower two weeks ago for a neighbor (took her three days for the background check). I think it came in at ~$650. She paid more for the case of Tula ammo.
Mlok done except for BCG and Charging handle. Will be here tomorrow. I have never used a red dot before and because I only have one eye and it ain’t all that great, I put on a cheap chicom before I get my Strikefire2

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