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Oldest appliance you have that still gets used.

Roc Doc

May 20, 2020
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Way out West.
A TV that won't die, a chest freezer, Gary's dentures, a vintage Maytag washing machine, that sort of thing.

I have a GE electric knife that was my Grandparents, probably mid-1960's or so. Fucker still gets used on various whole birds and hams.

hate to say it, but probably my mini-fridge. 20 years now.

we're actually looking at replacing our 7 year old range/oven because it keeps breaking... quality is way down, but at least prices are way up!

Wish I had picked up my Mom's Frigidaire fridge when she sold her house. from the 50's or 60's and still running like a top.
We've got a Kitchen-Aid side by side frig, with a build date of 2003. Runs like new....

The oldest-oldest is a crock pot we got as a wedding gift, 44 years ago. Still crocks like its suppose to...
The little fridge in the garage is pushing 40.
We have a chrome beater and a Sunbeam iron that were my MILs, the beater smells like Ozone when you run it but works fine. I'm sure they're both from the 60s or older. I have a giant soldering iron and a couple solder guns that I'm sure are from the 60s or older too, don't use them much but they do work. Also a 6/12 volt battery charger that is probably from the 40s. It seems to work but all I've done is plug it in and seen if it sparks.:laughing:
My uncle gave me a 1949 Hotpoint refrigerator that I used as a beer fridge. Used it for 5 years then I moved and gave it back to him. Its now in his shop, full of beer.
Realistic clock radio from Radio Shack - parents got it for me as a x-mas gift over 40 years ago.
My Mother received a GE toaster in 1950 as a wedding present. My oldest daughter has it now. It works well.
My wifes kitchen aid stand up mixer. 1963 IIRC from the last time I had to buy parts.
There is a fridge in my dad's shop that is roughly 35 years old. The ice maker stopped working and it was moved to the shop when we got a new one.

My water heater is nearly 20, Ive been expecting it to go at any moment for at least 5 years now.

My $500 when new, washer and dryer were replaced at 15, the washer was fine, but the dryer just wasn't up to the task, even after replacing the heating unit.
Small camper size fridge built in in my garage, it's been running non stop for the 26 years I've had it and it was old when I got it.
We are still using a 1940's Servel kerosene fridge at our cottage.

It still works amazing. So good, that you have to turn it down at night or it will freeze your food.

As long as we can still find wicks we will keep it going.
Oldest I have would be my GE alarm clock that my parents gave me when I started kindergarten in 89. Oldest large appliance would be our refrigerator and stove which are original to the house in 2000 I believe.

I had a Crosly round single door fridge converted to a beer tapper, but it finally gave out a few years ago, I'd moved it from three houses and one divorce. it was older than the stove I think.
Grandparents are still using a 1950’s coke machine. It’s still on its original freon charge. The keep Coors originals in glass bottles in it too.
Grandparents are still using a 1950’s coke machine. It’s still on its original freon charge. The keep Coors originals in glass bottles in it too.

That thing is sweet. I know a couple people that have vending machines with beer in them, but not as cool as that one.
Regularly use a set of Oster #6560 hair clippers that are at least 60 yrs old -
1970-2? general Motors Fridgidar oven and range. Came with the house and worked fine. Just wanted a newer style so it sits covered waiting for me to ruin it by using it to look at and not want to throw away.
Not sure how old this is, but we use it semi-regularly. Think I inherited it from my grandma.

I’ll have to look, but I think I have my grandpa’s electric carving knife here now, too. Probably the same as the op. Brings back old memories of grandpa carving turkey on Thanksgiving.
My iron; was my parents' from probably before I was born, I'm not sure if the 61 stamping is production year or just a die/run/lot/line stamp. It's starting to have issues maintaining temperature, I'm probably going to have to get a new(er?) one soon. Old enough to have a fabric-wrapped cord.
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