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OG Coal stove/boiler knowledge


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May 29, 2020
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Looking for any information on a #10 J. R. Mclair mfg. coal stove. It was being/plumbed as a boiler as well along with the removable cooking plates on the top.
Pics would apparently help, because I find many similar names but no direct matches, maybe someone else has more info. good luck
I'll get a pic of the stove athough I am not sure how it will help with the information....looks like a Wolfgang coal stove that's currently made but it's a J. R. Mclair from the turn of the previous century.
Drummer79, are you the one working/ remaking the old willyz from the old site?
Not the same company(est. 1974) as in your link. I will do my best to get some pictures up for you tomorrow. I have been burning up the charcoal + coal that I picked with it, that has been in buckets(100# worth) sitting on top of this stove as of this week.
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