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Blame Canada
May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
What channels to do you subscribe to on Youtube? Or look for on other places online?

Looking to see how many watch what ... so even if it's been said .. post it again
4wd 24-7 on the tube.

A bunch of funny Australians off roading all over the country.
I don't subscribe to any, but usually anything Busted Knuckle is good. Ultra 4 Racing. Whatever else pops up on the suggestions.
Brady from pathmaker productions is a local, so I've gotta watch his shit.
I like 4wd247 as well,
there's that weird fella that hates frames from central BC, 2DR4X or some thing like that,
ronny Dahl has good stuff occasionally.
Offroad addiction
Dirt everyday...other than that, random YouTube videos of truck/off road fails

wreckless wrench is pretty good

who were the kiwis from the other place, offroad addiction or something like that?
Dirt Every Day.

Most of the youtubers seem to be self absorbed douchebags, so I don't really watch much of that content.
I watch Madram11 if he posts something interesting, he had a few vids of our local stuff recently that were fun to watch. Matt's Off-Road Recovery is also pretty good, mostly because of the stupid shit his customers do.
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