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OCD People Step On In!


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May 20, 2020
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See any thing wrong with this ?
Nothing wrong with that at all because I'm not OCD at all.
The right twix is on the left and the left twix is on the right.

​​​​​​I am not overly OCD, but my son HATES right twix and loves left twix.
Yeah....put the left on the left and right on the right damn it.

It'd drive me nuts if left on a counter like that...until I fixed them. 😁
I don't get it
one says left on the left side of it and the other one says right on the right side of it
is that what's bothering you?
Maybe one of them has less tear strip serrations?
Your countertops have hairs embedded in them?
The exif data got automatically stripped from the image when you uploaded it here?
Every time I cook something my wife wants to cook something too. So tonight I'm cooking ribs in the crockpot. Clean up the whole area.
she wants to cook snickerdoodles.
Now there is no place to broil them. No place to put the oven broiler. No place to put the oven mittens. Without them being COVERED IN COCOA OR SOME SHIT!!

I fess up to everything else.. yeah Im OCD.. but not to the extreme of Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets... all be it I think his character was more unapologetically misanthropic than OCD..
Sounds like white privileged first world problems, in Africa the starving kids:mr-t: would eat them without questioning the damn package :flipoff2:
If they were on display so you could read them, they would be correct. At least if the store put right on right and left on left.
I zoomed right in on that...

Yeah, my OCD is just a notch below bad. My OCD is more about order and arrangement.


I lived with a buddy like this in college. I would be forever rearranging the books on his book shelf. That fucker would catch it in less than a minute from entering. He would also arrange his cloths like that also super ocd. I’m surprised I didn’t get stabbed in my sleep from fucking with him so much lol.
At first glance there was definitely something wrong with the pic. After looking at it for a second I realized that it was actually correct without issue.

And as I scroll down Ewench was nice enough to sho why in pictures.

Its still wrong.
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