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NV4500 into 1985 K10


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May 20, 2020
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West central Ar.
I have a NV 4500 out of a 1996 k2500. Will the clutch master in the 85 k10 work the slave in the 4500?
And,what else should I save off of donor? Figured steering column,pedals and dash at least.
I took it as his k5 is already a manual trans truck.

even though.....
auto steering columns work just fin . Pull the shift handle off and youre gtg. Just roll the selector by hand and you get a free antitheft mode because they wont crank if not in p or n position.

85 should be the same style mount as the nv. Just move the crossmember back and redrill the holes.
Yes,the 85 already has a hydraulic clutch. Was going to save other parts to sell. Cross member was just going to make a new one.
Do I need a different master,or will the stock one work?
I’m in the middle of putting a 2002 NV4500 into my 84 C1500. I found a scattering of information in different places and went what I think is the simplest route for hydraulics. I used adapter fittings on a stock 85 master and an 06 GTO slave / throwout to run -4 AN line. If you want to use the stock 96 slave, there are fittings made to adapt the quick connect thing to AN. I needed a new slave anyways and I’m not a fan of the quick connect.

Earl’s adapters:

-4 to 10mm x 1.0 inverted flare: 592042ERL

-4 to 12mm x 1.0 uni-flare: 592054ERL

Fragola hose:

30” -4 AN hose: 412-1-1-30-BL

I’ll be bleeding the clutch this weekend, but everything went together smoothly.
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. I used adapter fittings on a stock 85 master and an 06 GTO slave

So you're using a GTO slave on the 4500?
.So you're using a GTO slave on the 4500?

Correct. Dimensionally the exact same, but with a metric female hydraulic input (10mm x 1.5 adapter listed). Works well, the AN adapter fitting is just barely accessible to connect the line with the trans installed, but easier to hook up before sliding the trans into the bell housing.

I’ve read there’s some front driveshaft interference in stockish height rigs. Any evidence of that?
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