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Notification of Terms of Service Complaint (Defamation)

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Blame Canada
May 1, 2020
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St.Louis, MO
I received this from the site's hosting company this evening

Hello Austin,

We recently received a complaint that certain content was posted on a website hosted on your server without the subject's authorization. This email is to notify you of the pending suspension of your web hosting account and related services pending resolution of this matter. Our Legal Department must receive a response within the next 24 hours or your site will be disabled pending your response.

The practice of publishing untrue or unverifiable information about a person or entity which negatively impacts that entity's reputation is libel. Libel is illegal. Use of our servers for any illegal activity is a violation of our Terms of Service and can lead to suspension of your account or termination without refund.

The content in question is the information pertaining to Jeffrey Moravik.

The link to the material in question can be found here:

*Fake User Profiles to impersonate Jeffrey Moravik:*

*The initial post where they have an image of Jeffrey Moravik by banned
user "Trampas"*

*Mention of Jeffrey Moravik’s name:*

*User "Broncokyle88" doxing Jeffrey Moravik on Irate4x4 and then posting it
on Pirate4x4 which has now been removed:*

InMotion Hosting Legal Admin Team

That user account has been removed, the site has been purged of any references to that name, do not recreate either.

Don't mention that name on here, Don't post his pictures on here.

If you do, you will be banned from here. This is not a joke.

Not open for further replies.
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