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NIssan Rouge AC Tech in CC


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May 19, 2020
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So the GF came with a 2012 Nissan Rouge, and since we've been mostly working from home for the last 3 months it's been sitting. We started off to town in it last week and had no AC, popped the hood and found a mouse had made the fan clutch grounds lunch so I soldered in some new wires and cleaned all that up.

Once we got all that worked out it was still throwing 65* air out the vents. I evacuated the system and pulled a vaccum for about 45 minutes and refilled it with 18oz of 134, had the low side at 40lbs with about a 100* ambient, and it was sending 40* air out the vents, right up until it hits 50mph on the highway and then it's barely below ambient.

I'm about ready to take it to a shop, or just out right replace it for her, but wanted to see if I might be missing something obvious before I go that route.

Thanks for the help,
Someone with just enough refrigeration knowledge to be dangerous.
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