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Newbie to mountain bike/what to carry??


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May 20, 2020
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So trying to get In some better shape and kill free time i have gotten myself a new bike, trek Roscoe 7, looking for some input as to what kind of tools/spares/ kinda stuff yall carry on normal basis?
ive got a camelbak molle pak so have room in for aome stuff.
not looking for major stuff, but get me out of bind and back to truck kinda stuff, possible 10-20 miles. ( eventually)
its got 27.5 plus tire( already tubeless and have staun sealant in them) and i do have a new tube to carry just in case,and have tire bars in my cart....so what else would ya recommend?
multi tool, a couple tire irons, patch kit, extra tube or 2... But I always went out overprepared.
multi tool, a couple tire irons, patch kit, extra tube or 2... But I always went out overprepared.

Thats me, i was always the one who had spare shit in my buggy that didnt fit my buggy, just for the ones i wheeled with who didnt carry stuff.
leatherman, 1 tire iron, chain tool, pump, folding allen wrench set, tube.
Co2 and spare bottles check, leatherman check,found a small allen type multi tool also, water is in camelbak, also threw in a small flash light.
Anybody carrying a small FAK? I will have my 7 year old riding his bike with me some. Not on anything rough but he does like to get out and ride.
In my pack I have a 3l camelback, pump, (sometimes a tube), small first aid kit (3x3x1" w/ 1" gorilla tape on a golf pencil, tweezers, small bic, aaa flashlight, bandaids, Benadryl), TP, cheap headlamp, cheater reading glasses so I can see what I'm working on. In my seat bag I have a bike specific multitool, leatherman wave, magnesium bar, patch kit, tire irons, CO2 kit with 3 12g cartridges and a small rag. On my shorts is a Spyderco Endura. The first aid kit, tp, headlamp and patch kit each have their own ziplock baggie.
Most days I take a sandwich/gatorade. Weather dependent I have a fleece pullover, light weight windbreaker, turtlefur beanie and leggings. I wear mechanix gloves all the time.
In the winter I add heavier boots, maybe a full set of fleece tights and hot finger gloves.
On the handlebars is a headlight and because I use the bike to commute also, a flashing taillight.
Forgot to add this to the small list of shit I carry, presto valve removal tool. Unless I get a big slash, most flats can be patched just by removing the valve and dumping a bottle of sealant then put valve back in, pump up and it’s good

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