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new covid 19 variant?

Just when most people are starting to realize the original covid 19 variant is a big nothing burger . . .

Apparently not more deadly but spreads easier. At least that's what the "experts" are claiming with zero fawking basis to make such claims.
Is anyone surprised that right after a vaccine was released a new "variant" would come out? At this point just open everything back up and let's live with this shit. 99.9+% survival rate, vaccine doesn't really do anything transmisability wise but stop you personally from getting sick, time to stop suiciding the country. Take all this stimulus money and dump it into building new hospitals if that's thier worry and let's get back to normal here.
The common cold mutates so this is expected.... :homer:

Waiting for the suckers to say it's not the common cold at this point to jump in....

Well, if it's more contagious then we'll be over it that much faster. :lmao:
Not only that, but if it is a new strain, it's exactly what a virus should do when it's hosts lock themselves up. It's only job is to survive, nothing more nothing less. If we try to stop it, it will get worse just like the flu.
I honestly don't buy it though. I'm sure they're just trying to make sure people remain scared of themselves and everyone around them.
Should be no surprise, they like this new power they've acquired and their not letting it go just because a vaccine came out for the "old Kung Flu". How do you expect Biden to take credit when it was Trump who got us the first vaccine.
I wonder what catch phrases they'll use to make this strand of the scary flu seem like doomsday? Hopefully everyone tell them to eat a bag of dicks, but covid culture is to scared to see the bs
Maybe you guys can correct me but wasn't the message from Fauci and other lockdown types that "herd immunity" was not possbile with this virus back in the beginning?

I read the other day that he is saying that we basically need to lockdowns, again, not to overwhelm hospitals until a "herd immunity" can be reached.

I could be wrong but I am almost sure that the "right wingers" that were calling for no lockdowns were called crazy for advocating that same thing
I am getting out of here to buy toilet paper bitches. :lmao:
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This mutation will promise to be super duper scary
This comes out the same week as the vaccine? Lol. What do we need to do this time around? Mandated goggles?
I think they found the same mutation in houston a few months back. They honestly do not know shit.
Try explaining to those screaming for a mask mandate that the mask they are wearing is only good to about 3 micron and the virus is 0.06 micron..

They just have a dumb look and go right back that we need a mask mandate. They get real pissy when you tell them instead of a mask they need a muzzle
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I think they found the same mutation in houston a few months back. They honestly do not know shit.

Supposedly found in Brazil in the spring :rolleyes:

Also supposedly the current vaccines are still effective.
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