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CA Need to Haul my sons 240z from Colorado Springs to Sacramento Ca.


Aug 6, 2020
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My son is graduatng the AF Academy Mid May. I would like to have it hauled to my house, or Sac area. I am hoping to piggy back onto an existing load.
How much?
When can you do it? I need it done before mid May.
I am trying to avoid having to drive out there myself to haul back. Thanks
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If this helps I entered an inquiry on a hotshot website, which I found out looks like they all belong too. I had 25 texts and calls within a couple hours to tow my son’s BMW 225 miles and the price was $400.
Ask for Ryan C. at MoveAuto.com

I just sold a truck and they arranged to have it transported.

Thank you, always nice to use a good reference
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