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Need a new fitness tracker device


May 19, 2020
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My Fitbit charge hr will not connect to a device anymore.

Don't want a smart watch. I wear a g shock usually.

Needs to track activity and heart rate, pretty much all I’m looking for. Don’t need gps or any other fancy nonsense.

Kinda pissed that Fitbit updated the firmware to the point that this perfectly fine, otherwise, device will no longer work.

The more cheaper. The more better.
Fitbit Alta HR is what I wear on my ankle, wife wears a Fitbit Inspire HR on her ankle or wrist.

The Alta has been discontinued so retailers are discounting the ones left in stock.
I was looking at WHOOP strap for a long time, but the business model / subscription based device kinda sucks, and I don't think it tracks steps.
Wife just got a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music that she likes....mind you it was on sale for a really good price.
Whoop strap 3.0 is supposed to be awesome. I plan on picking one up at some point. As long as you don't mind teh subscription service.
Garmin vivoactive 3 music here. Love it. I think it was $179 on Amazon. Add a set of $30 Bluetooth ear buds and run/walk in peace.
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