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Nasty fuel tank


The dude abides
Jun 8, 2020
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Been parked for 10 years. Think it'll buff out?


I’ve seen much worse.

Yep. I've ran much worse for many miles. I bet you can smack that pump on the floor and wake it up. Tank in my truck is like 5x worse than that. I have to clean the fuel rails out every 1k mi. From rust chunks
I just went through this. I ended up using electrolysis by taking some old lawnmower blades and a charger hooked up for a couple days. Cleaned all the rust out. I should have but didn’t paint the inside as I was welding a patch in an area that had rusted through. Figured if the tank gave up the ghost I would just get a new one. Still working just fine. The pump was even locked up but I let it soak a while in a parts cleaner and a few taps with a hammer and she still is working.
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