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Music fans please help - Big Band stream


May 21, 2020
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I want a FREE (added in) big band 24/7 stream that sounds like this:

Yes I know that is essentially a Greatest Hits from the 1940s. But I'd like a broader survey of this genre and I want it easy. If I had the resources I'd go the turntable and vinyl route and learn about it that way. But I don't have those things so I'd just like to have this playing on my BT while I work without the delving into yet another popculture universe.
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There was a big band station in Reno Nevada back a few years ago it streamed 12 hrs a day from memory, might still be broadcasting on the air and or online.

Was on on west side of south Virginia.

Tommy Dorsey is kind of like the Heavy Metal of big band music? I always kind of look for that Slayer/Metallica nexus where they actually made a new form of music that just 'rocks' because it gets and beats the essentials right. Yes liberal use of those power chords and progressions is essential, Dorsey is not afraid to use them. The 'heavy metal rahhhhhh satan in yo face!' was always secondary to me. That creativity where they can get away with beating that emotional drum multiple times is what fascinates me.

You know when it goes from Altar of Sacrifice to Jesus Saves? You have to listen to it on the tape or this yt video that has the skip out.

Slayer gets it all correct in that transition and Dorsey's players do. All. The. Time. Like 100% of the time is the Slayer denoument of Altar of Sacrifice and segue into Jesus Saves.

All Hooks All the Time. It's pop music, but certain people like Zeppelin, Dorsey, or like in Dance Yourself Clean, the phrase of the instrument bridges the phrase of the rhythm, and they're both comprehensible.

You can accuse me of having a short attention span, but I still like full symphonies or even Jazz, if it produces. And with Dorsey, I don't have to sit around waiting, or recruiting my emotions. You can see how guys back from war would dig that, you don't have to prepare yourself for anything, you can just be and let the band do it.

So all of those phrases and the bridging of phrases is what I like and Dorsey has a lot of that.

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