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Most superior fly killer


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May 19, 2020
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Jerkwater wi
What's the best fly killer, repellent, trap, whatever? I dont know what's going on this summer but the flies are brutal. Black, deer, horse, you name it, my yard is full of them. I live in rural Wisconsin so I expect some bugs, but this is getting ridiculous. I've been spraying the puppy down with some natural repellent, but the winged bastards swarm his face. They are bad enough he doesn't want to be outside. I put out two traps yesterday, fogged in the evening and again this morning hoping it will help.

Any advice on trapping them, killing them, preventing more of them?

Anyone have a surplus drum of d.d.t.? I'll pay top dollar
Baconator said:
Golden Malrin for the win

They didn't have it at the hardware store I went to yesterday day, but I remember hearing of it on the old board. Poison/bait? Hows it used?
Karate kid scene; caught a fly with chopsticks, became automatic Master of Oriental Arts-
This is what I like to use.
U.P. Jeep said:
I was going to suggest Bug-a-Salt, but it looks like you’re looking for a genocidal weapon rather than a sniper shotgun.

So I got nothin.
I need global thermal nuclear war version of bug a salt.
Ted_Kaczynski said:
Kill your neighbors, leave dead bodies where they fall, flys all go to your neighbor's house, profit.

Just the one girl would keep them busy until the first hard freeze.
Pukemaggots said:
Take a shower so you don't smell like the south end of a north bound mule?

Despite my once a month whether I need it or not shower schedule, they dont bother me much. Its Chunk the puppy whom they attack
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