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MochaMike's Scout 80 Build Thread


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May 19, 2020
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Concord, CA
This might take a while and I will be adding stuff at random and possibly out of order.

I got "Green Bean" (1962 IH Scout 80) for Fathers day 15+ years ago.
It was my wife's cousin and it had been in storage for 20+ years.
When I got it:
SOA D27s
SBC350 Swapped in, but not completed..... no coolant lines & misc knick-knacks.
M21 with a D20

I didn't know much about wheeling, fabricating, or much even about cars/trucks aside from basic tune-ups and brake jobs.

I will post up some progress of the my first conversion, or technically the 2nd build of this vehicle, then my 3rd.

As she looked when I first got her home:
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.52.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.01.56 AM.png

D27 SOA :barf:
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.01.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 11.01.22 AM.png
Is this the current build. Or is this the one you have been wheeling, and just moving the build thread over?
Looks a tad different now...

Yes, much different.
Been super busy, and will post up random progress from over the years.

First Build (will post up pics and stories later) was:
350SBC, SM465, D18, Waggy D44s, 4.88s, Spool rear, Detroit front., 35" BFGs
Fabbed: bumpers , sliders,& tire carrier, replaced chunks of floor,
YJ leaf springs (BDS 2.5") SOA, high-steer, etc, 2 person cage, Toyota MR2 seats & harnesses, rock lights.
Started with Rochester 2 barrel carb, then Edelbrock 4 barrel with offroad & jet kit (better, but sucked), then went propane.

Second Build:( will post up pics and stories later)
new to me 350SBC (on propane), SM465, NP241/NP205 Doubler (DND box for rocks), F&R D60s, 4.88s, Spool/Detroit, Griffin radiator, high output alt.
Front is Chevy center section w/Ford outers, broke a knuckle, went with Reids, Rear is a D60U (disc brake stock), swapped in 35 spline shafts, long Bilstein shocks, CO2 tank for air,
Eventually added: removed bulk head, rear end to the cage, hydro assist & then a PSC pump, electric fans,
NP205 is a Ford that was flipped & modified to run shifters out the rear of the case, required modification of frame & floor,
58" Ford F150 rear springs front & rear (offset pin), added anti wrap bar, shackle reversal with sliders instead of
37" Krawlers, on H2 rims, with Staun/Coyote internal Beadlocks, eventually welded on rim stiffeners,
On board shower, made 2 speed Taurus fan automatic on low (via temp), with option for manual high or off (for water crossings),
M8000 winch mounted behind front bumper, light bar :mr-t:, led rock lights.

Latest build is same as above (been sitting for a few years after tires wore out).
Just got some new to me 39" Sticky Krawlers with plenty of tread.
New harnesses thanks to Frank the Tank.

Things on my list:
AIr compressor & tank,
Rework front suspension: Either new hangers & sliders, hangers & shackles (slider rock, but got bent), or dream of coil overs,


Looks good! :smokin:
Really like the sliders as opposed to shackles. I've got slider boxes built for my '65, inverted shackles and bent springs in the past, not fun.
Looking forward to seeing more progress pic's.
I really need to update this thread.
I've been performing much needed upgrades for the last few months:
Front D60 was leaking oil, so new seals meant a refurbish, new u-joints, seals, bearings, etc.... Currently waiting on lower king pin bearing (old one was rusty).
Sliders got bent from beating, so I cut the old ones out and I frenched new ones into the frame by 1-2". Also added 1/4" plate on bottoms.
Brand new leafs: fronts swapped from pre 97 F150s 97-01 (longer) & new rears.
Engine: new rear main seal, new alternator (bad bearing= upgrade from SI to a CS144), new harmonic balancer (ram hit it last year), all new fluids,
Replaced PSC pump (leaking from main shaft), sand blasted and painted all the brackets.

Still to do, but it will be during the next year:
Install Viair compressor, tank lines, etc (sitting on shelf)
New crossmember & 2 piece shaft
Clean up/loom all th engine wiring