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Mobile work bench build

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May 19, 2020
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Welp, I was asking for input earlier....

Now it build time.

Local steel yard had a rem piece of 3x6x3/8 that I picked up for $150. Sounds like it normally would have ran me $300 for the same chunk. It has some goofy plasma cuts in it but I’ll deal with them for $150 off.


Started out by building a sub frame for the sheet. I went with 1.5x1.5x.120 angle iron. The old timer at the fab shop suggested this. He said that if I rotate it then it becomes a I beam and is much stronger.




Built my leveling legs out of 1” all thread. Used a coupler nut to hold the rod and welded a nut on top.

I figure I’ll get them on the legs once the table is flipped over, that way I can make sure the rod pushes even to the ground.


I decided to go with two shelf trays, one high, one low. I figure the high one will be used for angle grinders and stuff. The lower will be for taller and heavier things.

Table is tacked together and close to being finished now. Plan is to start burning it in now. I’m going to cut the tack welds off the table top and flip the frame over by hand. Then I figure I’ll use my cherry picker to lift the top and set it back down on the frame. I would just flip it over but I’m afraid of bending the legs



Nice looking table. I like the leveling screws/ park brake for getting after it feature.
What part is broken on the vise? I have the same one but missing the base. Where are you getting parts?
I looked into that but the thread of the screw handle is a heavy course pitch, nothing like that I have seen at the local stores.

Probably ACME thread. It's the standard for stuff that has to take a lot of abuse and not wear out.

If it's not a standard ACME thread then I'd just upgrade to 1" grade-8 threaded rod. It's not exactly a complex mechanism and stepping up a few sizes will more than make up for what you lose in strength.
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