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Mini-Ex Spinoff: Who's ben with a >58"er


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May 19, 2020
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I've hit the guardrails on both sides of the relational height spectrum. Was with a 6'3" redhead for 2 yrs, and a 4'6" blonde for 1. Both had their benefits and entertainments. Whats your height preference, height difference, and reason.
Been with everything from a 4'8" spinner to a 6'3" Strawberry from Canada.

I don't discriminate, and definitely prefer the redheads. As proof that I am a glutton for punishment, My ex- was from Germany and I am now married to a 5'9" redhead.

I am 6'5", so I don't think my chances are all that great of running into a chick my height or taller, although I know they do exist.
Hooked up with but never dated taller then me, im
5-8ish. I dont know if im intimidated by them or unatracted but something about being in bed with someone bigger then me is a turnoff
Do you like to be nose to nose with your toes in it or toes to toes with your nose in it?
I'm 6-2, have been with 5.0 up to 5-11, all had good attributes. i do prefer the petite ones though.
5'9" ish here, Had one in college that was 59.5" or so if she was lying, and wife is 5'8", I don't think I ever laid on taller than me. The worst of them was excellent. Unsure how I'd do with on taller than me on a long run.
5'11" here. Ex was 6' and liked to wear 5" heels, didnt bother me. Shortest girl was 4'10" or so. Height differences dont bother me, weight is another story. I like them thin for their respective height.
I'm 6'7" 275 pnds..

in high school i sorta dated a girl who I was the same height as... when i was on my knees..

I've dated or hang out with many variations of height..

when I worked for the gov, for a few months I worked in the same department as 2 ladies who were both 6'6".. but I never made a serious move, cuz they both had a little seniority and i just didnt want to get in trouble..
I've been with little Japanese to tall American, my ex wife is 6'0"
I prefer the shorter.
I don't know, my experience, taller women, better sex.

Dated everything between 4'9" and 6ft.
Shortest, 4-10
tallest, I'd say 5-8ish
Wife is 5-4
All slim and trimmed :smokin:
the 4-10 was a redhead and was SUPER crazy. Fun in the sack though.
My wife is 4'11. I joke I married a woman with small hands cause when she grabs my junk it looks HUGE.:grinpimp:
This thread needs pics

I thought this thread was about construction equipment.... :laughing::homer:

nvm, there was a construction thread, I'm lost.... :homer::homer:
I'm 5'11"

I like them 5 4ish, I like my woman with her head on my chest, I like them in heels dancing

I like hourglass women, thin waist but feminine curves, Latinas, Italians etc

I had one a few months back that was probably 6'1" with flat belly and a big T and A, but still probably 175-180lbs. Can't really throw a chick like that around like I'm used too :laughing:
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