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Mercury Outboard Control Cables


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Jun 1, 2020
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I have a 40hp 3 cyl fuel injected merc outboard on my pontoon boat. I need to get longer control cables, 14ft long would be ideal. I called up Mercury trying to get part numbers and the guy would not give them to me unless I could tell him if I had Gen 1 or Gen 2 controls. I was standing next to the boat and he would not give me any information on how to determine which Gen I have. I did learn all about their fear of liability. Can anyone tell me how to determine my Gen and also how to find out part numbers for throttle and shifter cables?
Does this help? "A" seems to be Gen 1

Pictures would help. You can also buy universal cables and just get the ends you need
Thanks guys they turned out to be Gen 1. Old were 12ft, I found someone with 15ft cables a half hour away. Should have them hooked up tomorrow. I redid the boat with new transom and fencing but am still scratching my head as to why I need such long cables, but its almost done.
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