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Marine engine issue... Can't seem to find the parts online I need.

DFW Rusty

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May 21, 2020
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I guess my poppet valve is bad on my engine. It's a Mariner Magnum 150hp XR-2, 1985 model. Serial # a126355.

I have a round cover on the right lower side of the engine, everything I googled says it's the poppet valve cover and that the guts are probably shot. I keep searching and all I find are the newer model ones. Any of you marine parts guys know how to find these parts. I was told to use marineengine.com , but I can't find it there.

Thanks in advance.
I finally found it... Boats.net didn't have it and I wasn't able to navigate ebasicpower.com very well.

However, I just kept googling and googling and google took me to vansoutboardparts.com where it showed the assembly under the exhaust manifold assembly. So I went back to marineengine.com and checked under exhaust manifold & exhaust plate and boom, it was there. Lot's of little maticulous parts it looks like & $60 for some parts that look like about $10 if it were automotive... but... what do ya do!
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