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Magnetic Brake Opinions


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May 19, 2020
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Coastal NC
I'm in the market for a 16ga brake and considering going magnetic.
Anyone have any experience ?
I have nothing to add but I'm curious myself. I just learned what a magnetic brake was 2 days ago looking for a box brake.
I think they're cool but overrated. Some love them and others have concerns, esp when doing 16 ga aluminum apparently.

Yes, they can do -some- tough to achieve bends, but a good fab guy can come with with several ways to make anything.
The first time I saw one I thought it was awesome and that I had to have one but to be honest there hasn't really been a time where one would have worked when my finger/box brake wouldn't. Bending closed boxes would be cool but a bit of hand forming here or there is saving me a lot of money
My main interest in this for storage reasons. I travel for work, everything gets loaded into a trailer, and I'm running out of room. I will be able to load the head on a counter and stash the base overhead or in the jockey boxes.

Two friends and I bought a wind machine partway thru 2018, my 16' car trailer was maxed out anyway so it was time for me to upgrade.
I bought a used 36' Great Dane reefer unit in Dec18, 1 week before the end of a job, It felt cavernous when we loaded it. Over the course of the next show, (1/19-7/19) I pulled the reefer, added Jockey Boxes and got a big start on the interior. Not mention more tools.

The next show, (10/19-3/20) I bought more tools. Now I'm running out of room again and I cant seem to stop buying tools. A conventional break will not fit without removing counter/storage, won't happen.




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