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Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [U.S. Air Force Retired]


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May 19, 2020
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Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [U.S. Air Force Retired] said in a no-holds-barred interview that he doesn't believe the courts are likely to come through for President Trump.

Despite massive amounts of evidence of widespread irregularities, many judges appear either unable or unwilling to sort through allegations of rigged voting machines and dozens of affidavits from eyewitnesses to ballot stuffing, denial of Republican poll watchers from observing the process, evidence of more votes cast in hundreds of precincts than were registered to vote, and a host of other irregularities.

The general placed the burden squarely on President Trump to use the emergency powers at his disposal and put down what he described as a coup d'état in progress.

"When you coordinate six to ten states, using cyber warfare, to change the outcome of the election in favor of whoever you want, these are treasonous acts," McInerney said in a Nov. 29 interview with Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend TV.

Not just fraudulent acts

Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

"These are not just fraudulent acts, they are treasonous acts, because it means changing the government," the general said. "And then when you add Russia, China and Iran, foreigners into it, you complicate it and make it even more treasonous. So, cyber warfare, and the Dominion Voting Systems, which we're talking about in Georgia, Michigan and several other states, Pennsylvania as well, using Hammer and Scorecard [ballot manipulation software attacks]. Plus, has anyone seen the Justice Department or FBI in any of this? That is very worrisome."

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McInerney is not just any retired general making these claims.

He is highly decorated, having flown 400 combat missions over Vietnam. He was in charge of NORAD for Alaska and had a top security clearance with responsibility for the U.S. nuclear arsenal. He spent 16 years as a military analyst with Fox News.

"He is not only a patriot he is a historian and he understands the massive threat now faced by America," Howse said.

McInerney said the fraud seen on Election Day could easily be repeated in Georgia to steal the two U.S. Senate seats up for election there on Jan. 5, giving Democrats full control of the government.

McInerney said that after listening to President Trump talk with Fox News' Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning, he was concerned that the president "sounded kind of down."

"What startled me was, he kept talking about fraudulent votes, and then I heard Rudy Giuliani talking about fraudulent votes. It's not fraudulent votes. The American people must understand, we are talking about treason."

The oath must be fulfilled

McInerney said President Trump must be compelled by his supporters to "honor his oath of office" and employ the tools available to him to quash the insurrection that he believes is in progress.

He said U.S. Marshals should have immediately seized the voting machines in Georgia and every battleground state as soon as it became apparent that ballot numbers were skewed in favor of Joe Biden.

According to attorney Sidney Powell, speaking in an interview with Lou Dobbs, the Dominion Systems machines were set to give Biden a weighted count of 1.25 votes for every one vote he received, while Trump's votes were set at 0.75 percent of each vote he received. This means that 2.7 percent of the votes were switched from Trump to Biden in multiple battleground states.

Massive fraud was also reported with the mail-in ballots in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and now Arizona.

At a public hearing Monday held by state legislators in Arizona, witnesses reported their state had 1.9 million mail-in ballots that were separated from envelopes without any signatures that could be verified. Similar reports dripped out of Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

"We had the director of the CISA, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs, who was fired two weeks ago by President Trump say this was a perfect election. Please," said McInerney. "This was the worst election in the history of any democracy, and he comes out and says everything was perfect. So you can see the work of the deep state, which is complicit in this treason."

The retired three-star general was very specific in what he said Trump must do to put down the coup. He must invoke the executive order that Trump signed on Sept. 12, 2018, allowing the president to declare a state of emergency related to foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

"He has got to declare a national emergency …He should also use the Insurrection Act because we have an insurrection right now in this country when you look at Antifa and BLM, plus other groups. He must suspend habeas corpus as President Lincoln did in 1861 and Franklin Roosevelt did in 1942 when World War II started."

McInerney said a silent coup is being perpetrated in plain view. It could turn violent but so far it remains bloodless.

The Chinese military doctrine of warfare includes six stages, the first five of which are focused on informational warfare tactics. If those asymetrical tactics should fail, the sixth and final stage involves traditional kinetic warfare.

Americans not falling for the propaganda

It's becoming more evident with each passing day that the psychological warfare tactics are failing, as more Americans are waking up to the fact that the 2020 election was neither free nor fair.

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted Nov. 17-18, 75 percent of Republicans believe the election is being stolen. But a surprising number of Democrats, 47 percent, believe it is either likely or very likely that their own party won by cheating.

"The Democratic perpetrators of this, plus the Russians, Chinese and Iran, have not disguised this cyber warfare on America," McInerney said. "As a matter of fact, they have been blatant about it and open about it, cocky about it, in all the things they've done and all the people they've employed."

He said he has personally seen pictures of people unloading truckloads of mail-in ballots that hadn't even been folded and put in an envelope.

"It's a printing press operation. And yet we have judges that are challenging that, saying that's not enough. And so that's why it's so important that this national emergency be declared and the president start arresting these people right away; this is a national emergency. I would declare martial law."

McInerney said the decisions made to allow massive numbers of mail-in ballots were made by secretaries of state and courts, not by state legislatures as required by the U.S. Constitution.

"And then on election night they decided to cease ballot counting in five states," he said.

In Atlanta, a supposed water-main break was cited as the reason to stop the counting at 10:30 p.m., only to continue once all observers were gone. The broken water pipe has since been found to have never occurred.

"This has never happened before, it's unprecedented, and shows there was pre-planning across several states to do these treasonous acts. That's why it's not fraudulent voting, it's treason. They are trying to overturn this government," McInerney said.

He said the new acting secretary of defense, Chris Miller, should make use of the National Guard as well as active-duty military personnel to crush the insurrection.

"Until this gets cleaned up, until we have all the facts, the president should suspend the Electoral College meeting on the 14th of December and the inauguration on the 20th of January."

The general said that because the courts have shown themselves "unable to figure out what is going on" the use of military tribunals will be necessary to deal with the coup plotters and participants.

"That's why martial law is so important," he said. "We need to set up military tribunals because the judiciary has shown us they're not capable of figuring this out.

"In Pennsylvania the local judges couldn't figure it out because the state sent out 1.8 million ballots and they got 2.5 million mailed back in. My goodness, someone had to have a printing press that was printing all these votes, yet the judiciary couldn't figure it out and stop them. That's why we need military tribunals and have these people arrested and charged, and the evidence should be presented there."

A historical perspective

If America doesn't "wake up" and realize what's happening it will soon be too late, he said.

This is corroborated by people who in earlier decades lived through the socialist revolutions that took over Cuba, Venezuela, China, Germany, Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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When asked "how did this happen" and "did you see it coming," almost to a person, they will tell you that, yes, they saw it and they knew their country was heading in a bad direction. But, at the end, confusion reigned as events transpired so fast that the people felt paralyzed and unable to stop the fall of their government.

Some Trump voters are already hanging their heads and posting memes on social media that say, essentially, "Trump 2024: We'll get them next time."

But what if Gen. McInerney is right? What if there is no next time?

"The president has got to start having rallies, talking to the people primarily in these six states. He must use the executive orders and suspend all action of the Electoral College," McInerney said, with a sense of urgency in his voice. "And the 85 million people must demand that you, Mr. President, clean this up, make it happen."

If the courts fail to act, and Trump fails to act, he said the election in Georgia will simply be a repeat of the fraud, allowing the Democrats to take the two senate seats and total control of the government.

"They're going to win that election in Georgia, using Hammer and Scorecard and the Dominion voting machines," he said. "I heard a prominent Republican say ‘we really need a large turnout.' It doesn't matter what your turnout is when they're using cyber warfare. They always beat it by three percent. That's why it's important we suspend even those votes down in Georgia until we clean this up."

McInerney said the Founding Fathers had no way of anticipating the concept of cyber warfare.

"But they did have the oath that the president and all the people like myself took to support the Constitution of United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. These are domestic enemies and they must be treated as such. This is hybrid warfare in the 21 century, this is how it's done. That's how you destabilize. You don't have to have combat troops. You do it through a country's own democratic processes. Like Stalin said, it doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes."

He said the perpetrators knew their massive assault on the voting process would confuse the American people, including judges in the judicial system.

With Fox News, for years the only large mainstream news outlet that served a conservative audience, now flipped to the other side, the only way Americans can hear the truth is through small independent news providers.

The FBI and DOJ have been missing in action, as the president himself noted on Sunday.

Trump sits in a lonely place, all by himself in the valley of decision.

"I sensed he was down and I want him to know that the American people are demanding his leadership; he's the only person in America today who can turn this around, and win it. It's bigger than Lincoln had, and if he turns this around it will rank him right up next to George Washington if he saves this union by taking the emergency action that he needs to take."

Not only are federal law-enforcement agencies standing down, but so are many Republican politicians.

"GOP leaders, where are they? Mitch [McConnell], we haven't heard from you. Let's hear from you senators, let's hear from you House members. Let's stand up and be counted," McInerney pleaded. "Wake up America. Let's demand our representatives, let's send messages to each one of them and tell them, wake up. We want a full investigation on this. This is so obvious."

McInerney is recommending that people email or tweet to the president a message asking him to invoke the Insurrection Act and the September 2018 executive order, declare a national emergency and suspend the meeting of the Electoral College on Dec. 14 until a full investigation by military tribunals can be conducted into the many election irregularities that, if found to be true, would constitute a blatant act of treason against the republic.

You can email the White House by going to Whitehouse.gov/contact, and the president's Twitter handle is @RealDonaldTrump.

"It's important for every America citizen to understand that you are now facing, for the first time, hybrid modern warfare, where the enemy is unseen, it's stealthy. Be aware America, be afraid, be concerned, rise up. We cannot let this election, these treasonous acts, this coup d'état, to stand."



This retired three-star falsely claims US soldiers died attacking a CIA facility in Germany tied to election fraud
Howard Altman and Davis Winkie
22 hours ago

Undated photo of retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney while in command of the 11th Air Force. He commanded the Alaska-based unit from its activation in 1990 until departing for the Pentagon in 1992. (Staff Sgt. Greg Suhay)
It is a scenario that makes the antics of animated spy Archer seem plausible by comparison, spun by the former assistant vice chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force.

In his unfounded version of events, U.S. special operations forces died in an attack on a CIA computer facility in Germany that was hiding information about a massive, covert effort to flip votes from President Donald Trump to his opponent, Joe Biden.

But even though big Army and U.S. Army Special Operations Command have told Military Times that there was no such attack, or loss of life, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney is sticking by his claims. They became so widely distributed on social media that numerous accounts on Twitter falsely claimed that five soldiers killed in a Sinai helicopter crash were really killed in the firefight with the CIA.

McInerney, in an email to Military Times, did not offer more information regarding the sources of what he told a conspiracy-laden website over the Thanksgiving holiday. Nor did he respond to the Army statements about their falsehood.

He did, however, double down on his claims.

“President Trump won in a landslide and the Dems left so many footprints that this TREASON must be stopped!!!,” he told Military Times. “This will be the last free election we have and I predicted it on 2 Nov on the Steve Bannon Show!”

Who is he?

Thomas G. McInerney was once a highly respected military leader who became the Air Force assistant vice chief of staff.

He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1959 and later earned a master’s degree in international relations from The George Washington University in 1972.

Though a West Point graduate, he joined the Air Force and flew more than 400 combat missions during the Vietnam War, earning among other honors the Distinguished Service Medal, Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster, Distinguished Flying Cross with oak leaf cluster and Bronze Star Medal with “V” device and oak leaf cluster.

He assumed his role as the Air Force assistant vice chief of staff in July 1992.

But somehow, he went off the rails.

After retiring, McInerney spent more than 16 years as a military analyst for Fox News Channel, He was fired from the network in 2018, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper, after inaccurately claiming during an appearance on Fox Business Network Thursday that torture “worked on” Sen. John McCain, who endured a brutal 5 ½ years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

The comments about McCain were among a string of false and controversial statements made by McInerney, according to writer Jack Murphy, a Green Beret and Ranger veteran.

His latest tale

New military-flavored conspiracy claims emerged over the weekend in connection to the widely debunked Dominion election fraud theory, which claims that voting machines deleted votes for President Donald Trump or switched votes to Joe Biden. That theory gained widespread traction when Trump — without verifiable evidence — amplified its claims, various sub-theories have emerged claiming the involvement of the Army.

The new claim is that Army Special Forces soldiers were killed in Frankfurt, Germany, in a firefight with the CIA guarding a secret CIA server farm that allegedly held evidence of Dominion’s so-called election theft. This updated version of a weeks-old theory originally amplified by U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, came from an interview with McInerney, who offered no evidence to support his claim.

McInerney made these claims in an interview with Brannon Howse of Worldview Radio & WVW-TV, a conspiracy-tinged website with stories like “Voter Fraud, Treason, Psychological Gaslighting Enemies Inside the Wire” and “The Existential Threat to Our National Security; Is the CIA Using Technology to Enslave and Control The American People?” and “The Democrat’s Plan For Secession if They Lose the 2020 Presidential Election and Their Partnership with China to Defeat America From Within.”

In his interview with Howse (which was preceded by an exclusive first interview with retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn since his pardoning by Trump) McInerney said that Trump and attorney Sidney Powell have “got the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion working with them, because in all of this, we have not seen any footprints of the DOJ or the FBI, nor the CIA on the friendly side.”

Howse then raised the issue of U.S. Special Forces troops seizing the server farm in Germany.

“In addition, the U.S. special forces command seized a server farm in Frankfurt, Germany, because they were sending this data from those six states through the internet to Spain and then into Frankfurt, Germany,” McInerney told Howse. “Special operation forces seized those, that facility, so they have those servers and they know all this data they are providing.”

Howse then asked if the “seizure went down without incident.”

“Well, I’ve heard it didn’t go down without incident, and I haven’t been able to verify it,” said McInerney. “I want to be careful in that. It’s just coming out, but I understand — my initial report is — that there were U.S. soldiers killed in that operation. Now, that was a CIA operation, and so that’s the very worrisome thing.”

Howse pressed the issue.

“But you are saying that was a CIA facility, and that was where the server was taken from by these Special Forces, was a CIA facility in Germany?” Howse asked the retired general, who now operates a cloud computing company.

“That’s correct,” McInerney responded. “Frankfurt, Germany. We have all this information.”

U.S. military officials did not mince words about the veracity of McInerney’s claims.

“The allegations are false,” a USASOC spokesman told Military Times. The command has not had a fatal incident since two soldiers died in a helicopter crash in California this August, and the most recent Special Forces combat deaths resulted from an insider attack that killed two in Afghanistan on Feb. 8.

An Army spokesman also denied this theory when reached by Military Times, describing the allegations as “definitely false.”

Real world fallout

The false claims about the Army’s role in the election put out by McInerney have gained a lot of traction. Tens of thousands of people, for instance, have since taken up the claim about the supposed role of the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, reposting it even on college football message boards and repeatedly vandalizing the battalion’s Wikipedia page.

One Twitter user even shared a video of a tank moving through the desert with a slowed version of Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know The Better” playing in the background, claiming it was troops from the battalion.

The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is a training unit based at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and has been assigned to Army Training and Doctrine Command — meaning that it hasn’t been participating in any operational missions — since 1990. It conducts initial entry training for new soldiers in military intelligence positions. No unit in the battalion’s lineage has gone overseas for combat operations — much less to surveil or fight the CIA — since World War II.

Another twist of the new theory alleges that the five soldiers killed in a helicopter crash while assigned to the Multinational Force of Observers Sinai mission on Nov. 12 were “really” killed in the purported Frankfurt shootout with the CIA. The proponents of the theory, which has been shared by tens of thousands of people on social media, offered no evidence in support.

The soldiers killed in the crash were assigned to Task Force Sinai’s Aviation Company, which is not a special operations unit. Only one of the soldiers had ever served in a USASOC unit, a helicopter repairer who had previously deployed as a member of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Staff Sgt. Kyle McKee was not Special Forces-qualified, though, and he was no longer assigned to USASOC at the time of the crash.

In an unexpected silver lining to the theories, a fundraiser for McKee’s pregnant widow and two sons that had not received donations since before Thanksgiving now has more than 140 new donors apparently moved by the conspiracy theory. One individual accompanied a $500 donation with a note reading, “He lost his life fighting for truth!”

McInerney told Military Times that he is “very concerned” about the spread of misinformation and the effect it has on the families of the soldiers who died in the Sinai helicopter crash.

But while he did not originate the claim that about the Army aviators, which emerged via social media postings in the wake of his interview with Howse, he did not dispute it, either, telling Military Times he has “even greater concern for the most massive cyber warfare package that struck the Nation on 3 Nov.”

When Military Times asked McInerney to provide evidence to support his claims, he forwarded a lengthy conspiracy newsletter that, among other things, described Rudy Giuliani’s recent conduct as “shocking and professional” and discussed whether Trump should declare martial law to overturn the election results.

Editor’s note: this story has been updated to better reflect McInerney’s role as Air Force assistant vice chief of staff.
Half of democrats believe the election was rigged. Essentially, the whole world knows Trump won in a landslide. The problem now is they're throwing cement over the fraud. They are burying it just like Hunter's laptop. The MSM and big tech are enemies of the people. If Trump doesn't prevail somehow, the Republic is finished.
Half of democrats believe the election was rigged. Essentially, the whole world knows Trump won in a landslide. The problem now is they're throwing cement over the fraud. They are burying it just like Hunter's laptop. The MSM and big tech are enemies of the people. If Trump doesn't prevail somehow, the Republic is finished.

I don't understand how Trump lost active military.

I guess it's because they are young.
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