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LS engine flipped intake questions.


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May 19, 2020
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Milwaukee, WI
I am strongly considering flipping the intake around on my 6.0 LS engine. I am curious if any one has done it, and what it entails. I have the oil pressure sensor relocation kit, but that is about all. Is it as simple as flip it 180* and bolt it down?




The oils pressure sensor relocation kit is pretty much all you need. Although you may have to extend a few wires so they can reach the appropriate sensors that are now in the opposite side. Yours being DBW makes it even more simple due to the lack of a throttle cable, although having one isn't that much of an issue either.
That I'm not sure of.

On the one we did, the fuel lines were ran to the side the inlet/outlet was on. If your lines are already plumbed you will either have to extend them to the other side of the motor or run the main lines up the opposite side.

I'm sure you know this already, but the injector wire has to stay with the cylinder it is meant for. Dont flip the harness with the intake. :laughing:
Slowpoke, thanks for the info. I haven't ran any plumbing yet, so that should be simple enough.

And yeah, definetly don't want to mess up on the injector harness.

FYI it appears that only the low profile car intake needs the oil pressure sensor relocation kit. The truck intake sits higher and clears the sensor.
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