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MO Looking for 2.5 x 56" leaf springs in Missouri

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Nov 11, 2020
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Farber, MO
Looking for 4 56" leaf springs from the back of a 73-87 1 ton chevy to build some custom springs for my squarebody. I'm located in Farber, MO and can travel a little ways for the right deal. Thanks in advance.
I'm in south MS but will be in east TN next week. I know it's kinda far from you still but I have a set of K20 56s you can have. They're 6" lift or so I was told but I can measure to verify if you want them. Just letting you know in case you have fam in the area or something and I can leave them with them
I appreciate it but I'm looking for stock height, 6" will put it up a little higher than I was aiming for. Thanks though.
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